Wrong! But Hey You're First

KPNX in Phoenix was first to report the news on an active shooter on the campus of Arizona Sate University.

The station sent out this push notification that had to send chills down the backs of students and parents of kids that go to ASU. 

As we said, KPNX was first with the "confirmed" news from police. 

Which seemed odd, when a short time later, the station got this email:

From: Vincent C Lewis
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 7:51 AM
Subject: ASU Downtown

Good morning,

Several are asking. A report of three people shot near 1st Avenue and Fillmore Street are not substantiated.

Phoenix Police have contacted a caller with possible mental health issues. A check of the immediate is in progress and no victims or further reports of shots heard have been located. Officers will continue to investigate.

Thank you,

Vince Lewis, Sergeant
Phoenix Police Department

The Tegna station then followed up with this report online that made no mention of their "False" notification earlier. 

Maybe next time....let's worry about being RIGHT, instead of first. 

Just a thought....