It's Lester's Time....

NBC's Lester Holt is likely in a no win situation at tonight's debate. Now matter how well he does, there will be critics that will say what he did wrong. 

After Brian Williams was caught lying, Holt took over the chair at NBC News and has been nothing short of perfect. He is well liked inside NBC and has handled the transition with class from the get go. 

Tonight, millions will tune in to watch Holt moderate a debate between two people that many people don't like. 

It is more than likely that Holt is going to hear lies coming from the mouth of both candidates and almost a given from Donald Trump. 

Clinton's camp wants Holt to call out Trump when he lies (which could make the debate run well into next week). 

“All that we’re asking is that if Donald Trump lies, that it’s pointed out,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said later on the same program that moderators shouldn’t be “virtual fact-checkers.”

Yes, the Trump campaign manager thinks it should be OK to lie and not be called out on it.

This is what this election has come to. 

Look for the right and the left to attack Holt on social media if he asks "their" candidate too hard of a question.

Lester Holt is going to get pounded on social media Tonight and by the talking heads on cable news.

But, it is likely, they he wouldn't have it any other way.