The FTVLive Debate Drinking Game

Just to make sure you watch tonight's Presidential Debate without throwing a brick through your TV, we are here to help. 

Here are the rules for the FTVLive Debate Drinking Game. If you follow the rules, you should be passed out drunk in the first half hour. 

So let's get on with the game:

Every time Hillary coughs - Take a Shot

When Trump says "Radical Islam" - Take a Drink

Anytime The Wall is mentioned - Take a Drink

Anytime either candidate rolls their eyes - Take a Shot

Whenever Trump uses the word "great" - Take a sip (just a sip, it will happen a lot)

Anytime Clinton says "I Don't recall" - Take a Drink

If Trump calls someone in the crowd "My African American" - Take a Shot

If Clinton passes out - Take  Shot

If Lester Holt rolls his eyes - Take a large Shot

If Trump's head explodes - Take a sip

If you turn off the debate and turn on Netflix - Congrats you won the game!

If Trump answers a question with dignity and honesty - Stop drinking, you are completely hammered.