The Debate

Cable newsers are just about wetting themselves over tonight's debate. 

Here's a hint, don't turn on the TV today until the debate starts, otherwise you are going to be sick of it, before it even gets started. 

People think the hype for the Super Bowl is bad, this is worse. 

But, here is the one thing that the talking heads are not saying. With two polar candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, isn't it likely that voters have all made of their mind? 

In the past, there was a large group of undecided voters and the debate really was part of their decision process. This time, most voters know who they are going to pull the lever for. 

The talking heads are predicting that the debate will be bringing in between 100-200 million viewers (200 million? No way). Numbers not seen sine the aforementioned Super Bowl. 

Viewers are tuning in to see if Hillary Clinton can make it through the debate without coughing till she just collapses on stage. Or they are tuning in to see if Trump's pants really will catch on fire with all the lies he tells? 

It is likely that the viewers will watch the debate for entertainment value and not to be more informed about the candidates. 

It's sad when a debate between the two people, running for the most powerful office in the world, will be watched solely for entertainment. 

You can thank the cable networks for that.