And Now's She's Gone

FTVLive FIRST reported to you on Monday that KOIN News Director Kate Glover told the news staff that she is leaving the station and headed to Tegna owned WGRZ in Buffalo. 

Glover told the newsroom that she put in her two weeks and would then be making the move back home to Buffalo. 

Yet, just 4 days later cake was served and Glover was gone.

Despite the fact that it was nowhere near two weeks, yesterday was Glover's last day at KOIN. 

Insiders tell FTVLive that Glover and interim GM Ashley Gold Messina have had a number of disagreements. Some have told FTVLive that the "disagreements" have often turned quite loud. 

It appears that Glover was eager to put KOIN and Messina in the rearview and get moving on with her career. 

So, she took her piece of cake, pack up her final things and hit the exit.

KOIN is still searching for a new ND to replace her. 

Stay tuned....