How I Got iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black Phone and Lost it

Yesterday, I got an email that my new iPhone 7 plus in Jet Black was at a local Apple store and ready to be picked up.

As any Apple fan knows, the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 is next to impossible to get and if you want one, you are waiting at least until November. 

I was able to pull some strings and get one sent to the Apple store near me to pick up. 

I walked in the store and showed them my email, they told me to wait here and they would have my new iPhone 7 plus brought out to me. 

While I was waiting, a beautiful woman around 25 years old was waiting for her phone as well. She was getting the exact same phone, but Silver in color.

As they brought the boxes out, she saw that I was getting the Jet Black phone and said that was the one she really, really wanted. 

The Apple employee told her that the Jet Black was not available and likely will not be until November at the earliest. 

This girl started begging me to have my phone and she would give me her silver one. Like I said this woman was gorgeous, but I told her that i was happy with my jet black phone and that I was sorry.

She then said she would give an extra $200 to trade phones with her. Again, I said thanks but no thanks. 

She came back with one final offer. She told me that she would send me some naked selfies of her, if I just traded phones with her.

It was then that I told this beautiful woman that I was absolutely appalled that she would even think of making such an offer to me. I told her I was flat out disgusted. 

Anyway, I'm really liking my new SILVER iPhone 7 plus. You know, once you put it in a case it really doesn't make much of a difference.