The Broken Promises

While covering the presidential campaigns, the news media watch candidates make big promises. Many times, the media seems to buy into the promises and never really question the candidate. 

Donald Trump says he is going to build a huge wall between the US and Mexico and Mexico is going to pay for the entire thing. That is one hell of a promise. And it is one hell of a massive project. 

WBBM in Chicago looked back on another Trump promise that he made back in the 90's to the city of Gary, Indiana. 

Trump said many of the same things then, that he says now. The promises he made then sound so familiar, it's scary. 

But, WBBM took a closer look at the promises and what was delivered. It is eye opening, fact based and really can tell you what you can expect from Trump.

Hats off to the CBS O&O for a well done story that got off the campaign trail and onto the facts.

Here's the video: