San Francisco Station Drops Ball on Deadly Fire

When news broke of a deadly fire during a rave in a Oakland warehouse, many of you like FTVLive might have turned to the Bay Area station's websites for the latest news. 

Because this story did not happen in the vicinity of New York, cable news did not offer up much coverage of the story.

Firefighters picking through the ruins of a warehouse and have found at least 33 dead bodies and expect that total to rise. 

In the San Francisco market, KTVU went wall to wall with coverage Saturday morning.  KNTV was also covering the story, but was also doing their steady diet of Saturday morning features.  

As for the station's websites, KTVU, KNTV and KGO all had a lot of early information about the fire at the make shift nightclub. 

After reading those sites, we logged onto KPIX and saw this.

No mention of the fire, but we did get an update on the cast from Fuller House. 

The station should be embarrassed and ashamed of their lack of coverage on such a major story. CBS brags about their commitment to digital, yet when dozens die in fire in their own backyard, their website has nothing on the story.