Arizona Station Investigating Incident Involving Reporter

On Friday, FTVLive FIRST told you about a woman that claimed in a Facebook post that a Fox Arizona Reporter went on a racist rant against her. 

Krys Poleon says she got into a very small car accident with Fox Sports Arizona Anchor/Reporter Todd Walsh. 

Poleon, a black female, took to social media to talk about the incident and how Walsh started in with racist comments. 

Hours after FTVLive posted the story, a number of other media outlets including the Phoenix paper and Deadspin, picked up on our story (thanks to Deadspin for giving proper credit to FTVLive). 

Fox Sports Arizona, confirmed that the person in the picture that Poleon posted online is in fact Walsh. 

The station released this statement: 

FOX Sports Arizona has become aware of an incident involving Todd Walsh, we are investigating and will take appropriate action once we’ve concluded that investigation. Our policy is not to comment on personnel matters, so we do not have any further comments at this time.

Stay tuned....