ESPN Reporter Losing Eyesight

Back in April 2015, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry went on a 'caught on video' tirade against an employee of a tow truck company.  Instead of being fired, ESPN suspended her for aweek.

Now, McHenry says that incident has left with with failing eyesight. In an interview in Marie Claire, McHenry says the stress of what happened became so intense that vision in her right eye is now blurry. She says she went to a retinal specialist who diagnosed her with CSR; chronic stress reaction.

McHenry now gets regular injections into her eye.

Still, not everyone is feeling sorry for McHenry. New York Daily News writer Evan Grossman wrote a piece, "ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Writes Pity Piece Nobody Wanted To Hear."

What do they say about Karma?