New Atlanta Anchor In Hot Water

Last week, stations across the country re-broadcast the story of a 9-year old boy who was 'fat shamed' by Santa in North Carolina.

Apparently, reporting the story wasn't enough for rookie FOX WAGA AM anchor Constance Jones (no relation to FTVLive's Boss). Jones made her own comments about the boy's size during their Hot Topic segment. Sources tell FTVLive that the other anchors were shocked when they heard Jones agree with Santa on-air and call the boy, 'tubby'.

Viewers didn't like it very much either and posted on the station's social media. What's even more amazing is Jones didn't see the problem with her comment:

Jones is new to "The Firm's" Atlanta station, blowing in from WPLG in Miami. Sources tell us she seems to be having a hard time adjusting.

Word is there have been some closed door meetings over the incident, but so far, Jones' bio is still on the website.