No Lunch for You!

Back on November 23rd, FTVLive told you that Tegna stations were really worried about how the new overtime law could impact their bottom line.

We showed you an internal email, sent to staffers at one Tegna station that told them about new planned hours and how everyone was required to now take a lunch. 

When it wasn't costing the company anything, Tegna didn't really seem to care if their employees ate or not. But, the minute they found out it might cost them some $$$, they told employees that they were required to take a lunch break. 

But, just before the law went into effect, a judge stopped it and that was sweet music to the suits at Tegna. 

One station got an email from the GM that said, "The changes in our pay structure and exempt/non exempt classifications which we previously communicated were related to those planned changes. In light of this new uncertainty we are not making any changes at this time."

In other words back to the 55 hour work week with no overtime and we really don't care if you get lunch or not. 

One Tegna employee tells FTVLive, "A few weeks ago we signed agreement to convert us to hourly, and had the possibility to earn OT each week if breaking news happens. I guess my signature and the word of my managers meant nothing. Now they are forcing us to go back to salary. Guess I won't get that hour lunch break after all."

While the staff in the newsroom might be working long hours with no lunch break, we're guessing the suits at Tegna will still be eating their lunch and now with the money they just saved, they can get dessert as well. 

Just saying....