Megyn Kelly to CNN?

Matt Drudge reports that CNN's Jeff Zucker is trying to get Megyn Kelly to leave Fox News and come to CNN. 

Drudge writes, "CNN President Jeff Zucker is actively perusing FOX star Megyn Kelly to anchor 8 or 9 PM on his network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. And Kelly might just say, YES! 

"He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her," a top insider explains. "But they are tripped up on money. He simply can't pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table." 

Kelly's contract is up in July 2017."

Kelly has been targeted by Trump supporters and at her own network by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. 

People inside and outside Fox News tell FTVLive that they think that Kelly's ego has grown bigger than even that of Bill O'Reilly. 

Drudge says that Zucker will promise Kelly if she comes to CNN he would would compensate her salary with heavy promotion and synergy across all TIME WARNER outlets.

But, is Kelly really wanting to go to a cable news network that is talked about more in jokes then it is for it's news coverage?

Stay tuned.....