Reaction to the Best and Worst TV Station Ownership Groups

Hundreds of thousands of people read FTVLive's list of the Best and Worst TV ownership groups and the reactions were interesting. 

Nexstar was named the worst and ABC O&O's were named the best. we also named 4 others in the best category and 4 more in the worst. 

FTVLive got a large number of emails, calls and texts from people giving their thoughts on our list. 

One of the most powerful TV Agents called FTVLive to say they thought our picks were dead on the money. 

An longtime Anchor at NBC O&O said they agreed 100% that NBC had really improved when it came to the group. "At one point, NBC might have been in the worst column, but Comcast came in and although it's not perfect, it's a huge improvement," the Anchor said. 

Many Nexstar staffers chimed in saying it was much worse than even we made it out to be. 

A Sinclair staffer was shocked that his company was not named the worst. 

A Fox O&O news manager says that she really hopes that in 2017, she will find a job away from Fox, even if that means leaving the business. 

We also have our annual list of the Best and Worst people in TV news, coming up soon. Pass along any names if you want. 

Which means that last years's winner WGN's Robin Baumgarten reign will be ending.