Sinclair's History Shows Little Commitment to News

FTVLive told you that Sinclair is shutting down the news operation at Toledo's WNWO and will soon be hubbing newscast from over 150 miles away in South Bend. 

This latest move is just another that shows that Sinclair has little commitment when it comes to news. 

Sinclair has 4 other stations we know of without traditional in-house newscasts.  KDNL (ABC St. Louis) hasn't had a traditional in-house news operation since October 2001, and has had KSDK produced "St. Louis Now" (2011-2013) and non-traditional news show "The Allman Report" (2015-Present).  WXLV (ABC Greensboro) hasn't had a traditional in-house broadcast since 2002, and had that controversial, and failed "News Central" concept for a couple of years, and has the current "Spectrum News" produced newscast.  Granted, those 2 markets were affected by the big affiliation switch in the mid 1990s, when we saw New World and Citicasters stations dumping ABC, CBS, and NBC for Fox, and Group W stations dumping ABC and NBC for CBS.  WPGH (Fox Pittsburgh) has had WPXI produced 10PM newscast since January 2006, after shuttering their news department, and Pittsburgh being among top 25 TV markets with 3 news operations instead of 4.  WTWC (NBC Tallahassee) has went 16 years without a news department, and despite acquiring Fox Tallahassee affiliate on subchannel 40.2, the Fox channel still carries WCTV produced newscast.

For Sinclair, it's less about producing news and more about making money. 

And that's why they landed on FTVLive's list of the worst station ownership groups in the country.