What's Wrong With This Gray Station?

This station can't seem to get out of the way of itself.

Once again, WTAP in Parkersburg illustrates just why viewers distrust the media. Shortly after an attacker slammed his car into students and then started stabbing them with a butcher knife at Ohio State, some idiot at WTAP sent out this tweet. Forget the fact that it was not an 'active shooter situation', the insensitivity is astounding.

Let's recap WTAP's recent performance:

July 28th, WTAP announces Flash Floods due to rain

August 15th, the station warns viewers of a "Head" advisory

September 20th, BREAKING NEWS of an abduction, but wait til 6pm for the info

October 3rd, some guy wins a half marathon

October 5th, WTAP asks who will win the VP Debate? Yes or No?

November 1st, they add two Sundays to the week

Now we realize this is market 194, but come on? Either ND Phillip Hickman goes home at Noon or Gray just doesn't care about the viewers.