People Dead, Homes Destroyed, Let Me go WEEEEEE and Take a Selfie

You just can't help yourself can you. 

While the wildfires continue to burn in Tennessee, hundreds of homes and businesses have been lost, people have died and many more have been injured. 

But, WATE's Ryan Beesley still had time to stop his coverage and take a smiling selfie and talk about his once in a lifetime experience going WEEEEEEE! in the helicopter. 

If you are looking for someone that is doing a great job with coverage of the fires and is not taking smiling selfies as people watch their lives being destroyed, then head to the Twitter account of WVLT's Amanda Hara. She has been updating people around the clock with solid coverage and her priorities in the right spot. 

At least one Reporter covering the devastation get it....even if Ryan does not.