This is Why they are on the Worst List

Yesterday, FTVLive named Sinclair Broadcasting as the 3rd Worst TV station ownership group in the country. 

On the same day, Sinclair showed just why they are on such a list. 

Beginning early next year, Sinclair owned WNWO (Toledo) will outsource the bulk of its news programming to WSBT in South Bend, Indiana, resulting in station layoffs. 

While the NAB and other lobbyist from companies like Sinclair are asking the Trump administration to continue to relax TV station ownership rules, this is the kind of crap you can expect to get. 

The news viewers in Toledo, will be offered a newscast that will be produced 160 miles away in another state. How, is this in anyway benefiting the people of Toledo? 

Staffers were called into a early morning meeting and told many will be losing their jobs and Sinclair will likely keep around 10 people in Toledo to cover the news. The rest of the newscast will be done from South Bend. 

A joke of a move made by a joke of a company. 

But, for those that are losing their job, we're guessing they aren't laughing.