Signing Off in Portland

A Portland anchor is leaving the desk, but she's not quitting. She see's a future in digital. 

Stephanie Stricklen, who has the Anchor for "KGW News at Sunrise" for the past two-and-a-half years, will be leaving the early newscast at the end of the year. 

She's ready to try something new. 

Stricklen says she will still be involved with KGW, as a fill-in anchor and contributing to KGW's digital platforms, the Seattle-area native is tackling some new challenges, as well, tapping into her interest in technology and digital communication.

In a Facebook post, she wrote, "You'll see me on-air in various newscasts. But you'll especially see me in the digital world. This extends beyond the ubiquitous Instagram selfie and, as such, I'm incredibly excited to reinvent myself as a storyteller across multiple platforms. The game is changing and I want to pivot myself for the best possible checkmate. I want to tell the stories that don't make a traditional newscast. There are so many positive things going on in our community that I can't wait to share."

She's not the first TV Anchor that wants to explore the digital waters. 

WOFL's (Orlando) Sonni Abatta left the Fox O&O and is now working as a full time Mom (with another kid on the way) and building up her webpage.

Abatta has been working with local hotels and attractions in Orlando to show people what there is to do in and around central Florida. Abbata tells FTVLive, her videos are, "So much more fun than talking about death and destruction all day." 

As for Strickland, she says that in her 16 years with KGW, "I feel like I've literally done everything, in terms of jobs and shifts, and I'm hoping that my new outside experiences make me even better at KGW by giving me some new skills."

So she's another making the digital leap. 

Maybe FTVLive should try the digital world. Oh wait, we have been here 16 years +

H/T The Oregonian