Worst Media Group to Work for No. 3

Well, as we make the way up to No. 3, I know many of you figured this company would be on the bad list. 

Coming in as the 3rd worst TV group to work for, it's Sinclair. 

Sinclair is a group that runs things on the cheap and is shows a strong political bias. 

Cheap and biased are not a good combination and that is the company called Sinclair. 

Sadly, Sinclair is also one of the biggest groups out there, which is not a good sign for the future of Journalism. Sinclair has spent the past few years gobbling up stations and laying off people.

The group loves to own two stations in a market and that way they can fire most of the people working at one station and just run two stations with half the employees. 

Sinclair also loves pushing their conservative agenda to viewers and cares nothing about giving both sides of the story. 

As they buy more and more stations, it is a good bet that you may one day end up working for a Sinclair station. If you do, let's hope it isn't for very long. 

Next hour we give you the 2nd BEST station group to work for.