Best Media Company to work for No. 3

The countdown continues as we move up to the 3rd best TV ownership group to work for.

Coming in at the 3rd spot is Cox Media Group. 

You can look at any Cox station in any market and you will likely see some people on air that have been at the station for years and years. 

The reason? Cox treats their employees well and still puts a focus on Journalism. Cox is still one of those groups that will spend money on people and equipment to get the job done. 

Cox offers solid benefits and still cares about the people that work for them. They are also not afraid to "steal" people from other stations in the market that they think are good. 

Cox stations almost never focus on fluff and hard news is their key to giving the viewers a newscast that has a real focus on news. 

If you're a "real" Journalist that wants to work for a company that has a hard news focus, you could do a lot worse than picking a Cox station to work for. 

Check back next hour for the 3rd WORST group to work for.