Worst Media Company to Work for No. 4

It's time for the 4th worst TV station ownership group to work for. 

Coming in at No. 4 is Raycom media. 

Raycom at one point and time would have been one of the better groups to work for, but now just like many groups at the bottom of the list, they only care about the dollar. 

The group used to hire top people and spend money. Now they look for young and cheap and really don't seem to care if the person isn't ready for the job or not. On the executive side in news, they seem to hire cast-offs from other companies.

A prime example of how bad Raycom has gotten is WOIO in Cleveland. At one point in time, Raycom was hiring solid people, paying them well and trying to turn the station around. They were able to bring WOIO out of the ratings basement and turn it into a player.

But then, WOIO GM Bill Applegate left and the station started to die like a plant without water. They brought in cost cutting GM's (yes they have been through a couple), who slashed contracts and let go of high priced,  but experienced talent. 

They filled the ND job with a weak hire that also seems more focused on saving money (including his own) than doing good Journalism. 

WOIO is an example of what is happening at other Raycom stations as well.

The company lost focus and started chasing the money. And that move drops them down on FTVLive's worst list.

Come back next hour to see which station group comes in at No. 3 on the Best list.