Best Media Company to work for No. 4

We move up the list to the 4th best media company to work for.

Coming in at the 4th spot is a small, but solid group, Quincy Media. 

Quincy mainly has stations in small and midsize markets, but they understand Journalism and it is still a priority of the company.

Up until this year, Quincy Media had never sold one of their stations. They did end up selling (trading) their South Bend station to Sinclair and the deal was not handled very well. The staff found out the deal was happening, only because it was reported by FTVLive. There is no doubt, that whole exchange could have been handled better. 

But, everyone makes mistakes and this was one by Quincy. For the most part, Quincy Media  treats their staff well and rarely engages in layoffs or mass firings. They care about their people and they care what the viewer sees. 

A small station group, but one that is well worth working for. 

Tune in next hour for the 4th worst station group to work for.