Worst Media Companies to work for No. 5

The number 5 worst media company to work for work for would be higher on our list, but it's not going to be around much longer. 

Media General comes in at No. 5.

The company will soon be taken over by Nexstar and then no longer exist. That would be a good thing, if for the fact they weren't being taken over by Nexstar. 

At one point Media General wasn't a bad company, but then the only thing they cared about was money. Everything was about the dollar and the company just sold out. 

In fact, when they totally sold out, they couldn't even do that right. 

They first said that they were selling the company to Meredith, which would have been much better for the employees that work for the company. 

But then Nexstar came in with a bigger offer and MG turned around and sold the company to them. Meredith got a huge payout to walk away from the deal. 

But, the employees are the ones getting screwed the most. They will soon be owned by a company that only cares about stockholders and money. 

The employee and Journalism are way down on the list of priorities. 

Comeback next hour for the 4th BEST media company to work for.