Best Media Company to work for No. 5

In our list of Best and Worst media companies to work for, Hearst comes in at No. 5 on our list of the best. 

We kick off the list with Hearst. 

Hearst is one of the few media groups left that has its fingers in many pies. The company owns,  newspapers, magazines, television channels, and television stations, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, 50% of cable network A+E, and 20% of the sports broadcaster ESPN.

When it comes to TV stations, Hearst owns station in large to mid-size markets and are competitive in most markets that are in. 

The company loves to grow and promote from inside. When you see a News Director opening at a larger Hearst station, you can but the house the job will be filled from someone currently working in the company. 

Hearst also showed that they will do what that think is right. When WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell posted a "racist" Facebook message on page. Hearst moved quickly and fired the popular Anchor. The station was protested and boycotted for the move, but they showed that they stood for what they believed in and acted quickly. A refreshing move in Today's TV news world. 

Hearst will spend money, but that will not throw money around. The company is solid to work for and for the most part treats their employees well. 

They understand Journalism and in this day and time that is as important to anyone that wants to work in Journalism and not just "be on TV."

Hearst is in by no way the most flashy company out there, but you could do much worse for a place to work. And that brings the company to No. 5 on our list of the best media companies to work for. 

Check back next hour when we tell you the 5th worst media company to work for.