Best Media Co. to work for No. 2

We are almost at the top of the list for the best TV ownership groups to work for. 

The No. 2 group is an O&O and it is NBC. 

The NBC O&O's went through a down stretch a few years ago, but they have come back strong and are now one of the best groups to work for. 

The group is also getting bigger as it adds their own O&O in Boston. NBC has shown that it is willing to spend more money on better talent and it is showing in their on air product. NBC is also not scared to invest in equipment to help distance itself from the competition. 

There was a time when the NBC O&O's were more about the money than the people, but over the last few years they have started to show more appreciation for their people and invest in talent. 

Comeback next hour to see which company is No. 2 on the list of worst media groups.