The 2nd Worst TV station Group to Work for


Well an O&O made the list as the No. 2 best TV group to work for, another O&O makes it for the No. 2 worst group. 

You just knew that The Firm would make the list and they have. Fox O&O's come in as the runner up when it comes to the worst of the worst. 

A group that leads by fear and intimidation of their own staff, including the News Directors. No one inside the group is allowed to talk without first going through Fox O&O PR Spokesmonster Erica Keane. Keane will only talk to people that are willing to lay down for her and that she can control. 

If someone is thought to have leaked any information to FTVLive or another outlet, a full on investigation is launched and people are accused, even ones that did nothing. 

It has gotten so bad, that Fox is having problems trying to fill management openings when they come up. People have heard the horror stories and they don't want to work there. 

One recently hired News Director took a job at Fox, because they couldn't find anything else. 

While Roger Ailes was pushed out at Fox News for claims of sexual harassment, talent at the O&O's say similar things happened at some of the Fox O&O's as well. 

Many dream at working at an O&O one day, but working at a Fox O&O is more like a nightmare. 

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