The No. 1 TV station Group to Work For

Well, we have finally made it to the best of the best and it just so happens, it is another O&O. 

Coming in on top are the ABC O&O's. 

The ABC O&O's are often the number one station in their market and there is a reason for that. They do it better than everyone else. 

You rarely hear a negative story come out of an O&O. Their talent stays with them for years and the talent is treated well. 

ABC does not do it with flash, they do it with just plain old solid journalism and they are not afraid to put their money into investigative teams. 

The ABC O&O's are the gold standard and although some might say they are a bit boring, they show that good Journalism will win over flash and trash every time. 

If you land a gig at an ABC O&O and you are good at what you do, you most likely are working at the last TV station you will ever work at. 

Congrats to ABC for being the best of the best. 

Next hour it's the worst of the worst.