Monitoring Matthew

It appears that Hurricane Matthew is going to give Jacksonville a big blow. 

The track shows that the very powerful storm will come waaaaay to close to FTVLive's backyard and Today we will start preparing. 

Of course Florida stations are already into defcon 5 storm coverage. A fire station at the end of our street is offering sand bags and the local supermarket is doing their best to keep water on hand. 

We have been told that we could lose power for days, which will be fun in the Florida heat. 

I'm going to decide Today, if I should board up some windows as Matthew looks like he will not be fooling around. 

We are already getting some outer-bands of rain and the wind has picked up. Thursday and Friday will be when Matthew's impact will be felt here in Jacksonville. 

If you don't see updates from FTVLive, you know we have had power knocked out. I should still be able to tweet from our phone, so follow us on Twitter and I will try to keep you informed. 

Now let's got onto some news while we still can.