Petition Calls for Firing of Weather Channel Anchor

As Hurricane Matthew made a direct hit to Haiti, the Weather Channel was covering the storm.

Anchor Jennifer Delgado pointed out how Haiti and the Dominican Republic looked so different from satellite, because the DR had trees, while it's neighbor Haiti did not. 

Delgado said that "They take all the trees down, they burn the trees". She went one step further to say that "“Even the kids there, they’re so hungry they actually eat the trees.” 

We're fairly certain that Haiti's lack of trees are not from the kids eating them all. 

A petition is asking for The Weather Channel to fire Delgado. The petition states in part, "Haitians around the world are extremely upset and offended by her stupid remarks and want her separation from her employer. Employee like Jennifer Delgado has no place to work in a prestigious company like Weather Channel. She is truly making a bad name for the company. Instead of boycotting the Weather Channel, we just want  her to get terminated for her offensive remarks."

Let's go to the video of her remarks:

Word is that Delgado did apologize for her remarks.

If she is fired and starts to go hungry, we know off some good pine trees located near Atlanta, that might tide her over till her next job. 

Just saying....