Anchor M-I-A In Buffalo

Viewers are wondering what happened to WGRZ morning Anchor John Beard? 

Beard was a one-time Anchor at WIVB in Buffalo and then headed to LA where he anchored the news for years. He was let go in LA and wound back up at WGRZ the Tegna station in Buffalo. 

Beard has not been seen on the station for the past week and is nowhere to be found on the station's air as the November book kicks off. 

His bio is still listed on the station's website, but on his Facebook page, he says "former Anchor at WGRZ. Then, there is another active Facebook page that shows John Beard working across the street at WIVB. 

A call to WGRZ, they say that Beard is off sick and is expected back tomorrow.

Something strange is going on and so far we can't figure out what it is. 

Anyone want to help?