Two Anchors Bounced in Cleveland Just as Book Gets Started

Sources tell FTVLive that two popular Cleveland Anchors were let go on Friday from the Scripps station.

WEWS Morning News Anchor Jackie Fernandez (above left) and Weather Anchor Somara Theodore (above right) were fired after posting that they were standing in line to get free Jay Z tickets. The Jay Z show was in support of Hillary Clinton. 

Sources say that Fernandez and Theodore were both on the clock while waiting to get the tickets. 

This happens just as corporate had posted a message on the Scripps in house website, telling employees to be extra careful of not participating in any political activities from now and until the election. 

Both Fernandez and Theodore's bios are still listed on WEWS's website, although Fernandez has changed her Twitter handle to take the reference to the station off. 

Insiders say that both were popular with viewers and with the staff inside the station, but that Scripps felt they had no choice but to let them go. 

This is one you are seeing FIRST on FTVLive. Stay tuned as we try and get more info on this story.