Fired Tampa Weatherman Files Lawsuit Against Tegna Station

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WTSP in Tampa had fired popular Weather Anchor Jim Van Fleet back in September. 

We also FIRST told you that Van Fleet was contemplating taking legal action against the station. He did just that on Friday. 

Van Fleet's lawyers have filed a lawsuit against WTSP, it's owner Tegna, former GM Elliott Wiser and News Director Bob Clinkingberad. 

"My legal team and I gave WTSP, and Tegna two opportunities to come to the table and just talk before anything was filed," said Van Fleet to FTVLive.  

When the company did not agree to talk, the lawsuit was filed on Friday. The lawsuit claims that the Tegna station used retaliation, breach of contract, defamation and slander against Van Fleet.

FTVLive just obtained a copy of the lawsuit and we will start going over it this morning. 

Van Fleet, did not want to discuss the suit with FTVLive but does add that he has proof to back up everything said in the lawsuit. 

Stay tuned....