Heads Should Roll at CNN


CNN got caught red handed this time and a investigation should be launched and people should be fired. 

In another leaked emailed, it shows that then CNN contributor Donna Brazile fed the Hillary Clinton camp a question that was going to be asked in the town hall meeting. 

This isn't the first time this happened. The first email leak, CNN acted as if it had nothing to do with them and put the blame on Roland Martin's team. 

Now, that Brazile was caught a second time, CNN is saying that she will not be hired back at CNN. Brazile left CNN to go back to the DNC after other email leaks led to a regime change. 

CNN tried to wash their hands of the first scandal and they ended up getting caught. 

Now, they say they are cutting ties with Brazile.

But, here's the problem, does CNN really think that others in CNN are not involved? How did Brazile get the questions to pass along to Clinton? It seems that Jeff Zucker and crew want to bury their heads in the sand and act like there is no problem. 

Let's face, CNN (along with the rest of cable news) had already lost most of their credibility, during this embarrassing election cycle. 

We will bet that Brazile is not alone in getting these questions, CNN needs to find out who else is involved. 

CNN should sue Brazile for breach of contract and should investigate to see who her enablers are.

They tried to sweep the first one under the rug and guess what, they got burned. 

Now it's time they do the right thing and investigate. 

Although, we won't hold our breath.