FL Reporter Caught Trying to Stage the News

There was a protest at the Ocala (FL) school board over who uses what bathroom. 

A few dozen high school students held a peaceful protest on Tuesday in hopes of convincing the School Board to reverse its decision earlier this year to forbid transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice.

The protest featured several transgender students, friends and other supporters who carried signs along the sidewalk in front of the School District headquarters, where a regularly scheduled board meeting was about to be held.

By all accounts the protest was peaceful....until a Reporter from WCJB asked protestors to line up and shout. 


The orders by the Reporter to have the protestors "make some noise" prompted district officials to complain about the reporter’s behavior.

Kevin Fries, WCJB News Director, said his station would not air the staged footage shot by his Reporter.  Fries says that the station does not condone any kind of staging of news events.

Fries has talked to his reporter, who said he did not intend to do anything wrong. 

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