Former Motown Anchor to Take Plea in Child Sex Case

A former Motown Anchor is expected to take a plea deal in his child sex case. 

Former WJBK Anchor and Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh, is accused of having sex with a teen boy, is expected in court Today. 

Pugh's attorney tells WJBK-TV all parties reached a "fair resolution" in the case, indicating a plea deal announcement is likely Today.

If a plea deal isn't reached, trial is scheduled for Nov. 7.

Pugh has been jailed since July 12 on a $150,000 bond, which he argued unsuccessfully to have reduced in late August.

Pugh's accuser, now 27, testified at a preliminary examination that Pugh, while working as a reporter for Fox 2 News (WJBK), hired him as a personal assistant when he was 14. The first sexual encounter occurred in September of 2003 and the relationship continued until the victim was 16.

During the preliminary examination in August, the man talked about giving Pugh oral sex, mutual masturbation while watching pornography and sex in Pugh's downtown Detroit apartment.

Pugh's attorney, Delphia J. Burton,  said the victim was making up the claims, "hoping to get a pay day."

Pugh was sued last year in a federal civil lawsuit after allegations arose that he groomed and sexually harassed another 18-year-old he mentored in 2013.

A jury awarded the plaintiff $250,000 from Pugh and a $300,000 settlement from Detroit Public Schools, which ran the mentoring program.