I Just Had to Go There....

Yesterday, FTVLive started writing a story about how Fox News Media Critic Howard Kurtz was mad that the media did not like his boy Donald Trump.

The story ended with me going off on cable news. 

That was not the plan when I first started the story, but as Popeye used to say, "I've got all I can stands and I can't stands no more."

After posting the story, the FTVLive email inbox blew up. Email after email saying that my story was a dead on. But, it was two emails that stood out. 

Two emails came from people that work cable news stations. One worked at Fox News and the other CNN. 

The one from CNN was from a name you all know, although I will not reveal who it is. The CNN staffer said in part, "Your take on cable news is exactly right. We have lost our way and it doesn't appear we are going to find our way back," the CNN employee said. They concluded, "I now find myself having trouble sleeping at night, knowing that the company I'm working for contributes nothing to society and it really is all about ratings and money."

The Fox News staffer agreed that cable news just adds a voice to the hate in this country. 

Ask, yourself, in the last decade, what has cable news done for its viewers or Journalism as a whole? 

I admit, as I wrote the story, I found myself getting really pissed. That was not the direction I wanted the story to go. But, like CNN's tagline says, I felt I had to "Go There."

If you did not see the story, here's the link. 

Feel free to share your thoughts, for or against. 

Let's Make TV News Great Again.