Layoffs Start at Tribune Stations

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Tribune had been offering buyouts to some employees. 

Well, it now appears that the company has started swinging the ax as well.

Sources tell FTVLive that along with the buyouts, Tribune is now starting to lay-off employees in Master Control.  

The ax was swung Friday in York, PA at WPMT, FOX 43, where all of the Master Control Operators were let go, along with a Administrative Assistant.  

Tribune is no stranger to Hubbing Master Control Operations.  When they took over Local TV,  they inherited the Master Control Hub of the former New York Times station Group, who hubbed all of their stations out of WTKR in Norfolk, VA.  Staffers at WPMT were told that Master Control would be ran from a station in Virginia. Sources tell FTVLive that it is a good bet that WTKR will be the station where they will be hubbing from. 

A source says that Tribune has been in the process of installing new Master Control Automation equipment at ALL of their stations (Known as BRUTUS).  The new software was designed by Tribune, for only the Tribune stations.  

They are also no stranger to saving money by creating their own Software for Video Playback (TONS), Newsroom Computers (OPUS, which is web based and crashes often.  We all wish we had ENPS or iNews back), and Social Media Playback Software (DGX) for newscasts.

Stay tuned....