Cashing in on Debate

A Vegas station figure out a way to make some easy political money, but it sure looked shady.

On Friday, KLAS ran an hour-long televised debate for the US Senate Seat in Nevada between Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez-Masto.

The debate itself was commercial free, but then the station followed it up with a post-debate program with analysis and perspective of the debate.

The last commercial that aired before the debate started was a political attack ad aimed to Heck.  The first ad spot after the debate was another attack ad aimed at Heck.

During the post show on the Heck/Cortez-Masto debate, the spots were filled with political attack ads.... three attack ads aimed at Cortez-Masto and seven directed towards Heck.

In all, there were a total of 31 political spots that ran during the post-debate TV program, many of them being attack ads at congressional and state political candidates.

So basically, KLAS ran a post debate show, knowing that they could cash in on political ads, many of which included the two candidates that had just squared off in the debate. 

It would have seemed the right thing to do was go ahead and accept political spots, but not any from the candidates you are talking about post debate. 

Seems like this was nothing more than an easy money grab for the station.