Buffalo Anchor Legend Suffering from ALS

This story hits home for FTVLive....

The first TV newscast I ever watched was WKBW's Eyewitness News, anchored by the legendary Irv Weinstein. 

"Topping tonight's Eyewitness News, Hot Lead on a cold night and momma's not coming home for Christmas," Weinstein led one newscast. "Blazebusters battle a burner on the east side", was another Weinstein lead.

The guy could anchor a newscast that you would never forget. 

Irv retired years ago and moved from Buffalo to California to be closer to family. But, the Anchorman is still the gold standard in Buffalo TV news. No one could anchor the news like Irv. A local restaurant has a plate on the menu called The Irv. The man is a God in Western New York. 

Now, word has come that Weinstein is suffering from ALS.

ALS, also known as  Lou Gehrig's disease, has no cure. 

Irv is now 86 years old and he will tell you, he's lived an awesome life. But, to see one of your hero's taken down by a disease that has no cure....quite frankly it sucks. 

There will never been another Irv Weinstein, but I can always say, I watched the original. 

I wish nothing but good thoughts for Irv and has family and let it be known. Irv, you did it your way and it was awfully damn good. 

God speed Irv. 

Here is a video of some of Irv's anchoring. Consultants Today would spit out their drink watching something like this. But, at his prime, Weinstein's newscast was the highest rated news in the entire country. 

Let's watch some vintage Irv: