Florida Blue has given me the Blues

I signed up for my healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. The sign up process was fairly painless and I picked a plan with Florida Blue, a health provider here in Florida.

After I signed up, I got an email from Florida Blue with a link to pay my bill. I clicked on the link and this is what I got:

I was logged out of a session I never logged into in the first place. I tried clicking on the login link with no luck. I tried it again in a different browser. Same thing happened.

I tried paying my bill through the Healthcare.gov website. I logged in and when I click on pay my premium, the link goes nowhere.

I then decided to call Florida Blue. I call them up and get an automated message that asks for my social security number. I punch that in and then it asks for my application ID. You have to say that one out loud and it takes the Florida Blue automation service 3 times to understand what I am saying.

Finally it says all is good and is connecting me. Then I get another automated message saying that the offices are closed till 9AM.

Couldn't they have had a message that said that in the first place, so I didn't have to enter all my information?

I call back after 9 and go through the same program again. Now when it is time to connect, I get the message that all of their representatives are busy and the hold music starts.

After 20 minutes I get a representative that is not friendly in any way shape or form. But hey, at least I'm talking to somebody.

As I am giving her my information and about to finally make my payment the call is cut off. 

Are you fucking kidding me. I'm was almost on the verge of tears and I never cry. I have never been more frustrated with a service in my life.

I went on the Florida Blue website and emailed them (twice), I said if you want my payment, you know how to get in touch with me.

Remember, this was all to make a payment.

I can only imagine how hard it would be to make a claim.