FTVLive is giving you a Very Rare Opportunity

It is clear to us that KNBC Spokesperson Terri Hernandez Rosales is never going to call us back. Over 174 days ago, Rosales promised to call FTVLive back in just 2 minutes.

It is also clear that Fox News Sean Hannity isn't moving to Florida. Over 85 days ago Hannity he was sick of spending some of the millions of dollars he makes on taxes in New York and he was moving.

Because both of those things are not going to happen. FTVLive has decided to pull down the Rosales and Hannity countdown clocks in the right hand column of this and every other page on FTVLive.com (screen shot to the right).

That opens up a chance for you or your company to place an ad in those spots on this website.

Yes!!! For the first time FTVLive is opening up some additional ad space to a company that we feel is worth being on this site.

We will point out that the ad space is not cheap and not just any company can place on ad on FTVLive.

We have turned down companies in the past that we did not believe in their business practices and didn't feel they were a good fit for FTVLive.

But, if you want to reach the most powerful people in TV News, there is no better place than this website. Imagine that each and everyday you will reach people in thousands of TV stations and networks around the country and the world. 

You will get your company front and center of powerful media. 

If your serious and interested in placing an ad on FTVLive contact us and let's see if we can make it happen. 

As for Terri and Sean? It was a good run guys...thanks!