Putting my Money where my Mouth is...

This morning FTVLive reported EXCLUSIVELY that  Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota is headed to CNN.

As often happens when FTVLive breaks a story, other blogs question if our story is right or not?

It seems that some of these people are slow learners. FTVLive has broken stories time and time again and yet the haters are going to hate. 

After FTVLive posted the story, two bloggers took to Twitter to wonder if our report was correct?

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.47.01 PM.png

FTVLive offered one of the bloggers a bet up to $5000 (to charity) that our story was dead on the money. The blogger would not accept when it came to putting up or shutting up.

When FTVLive reported that NBC was pulling the plug on Jay Leno at 9PM, NBC along with scores of others said our report wasn't true. Just weeks later they did just that.

When FTVLive FIRST reported that Kathie Lee Gifford was going to the Today Show, TVNewser questioned our report. We know how that turned out. 

FTVLive FIRST reported that CNN was going to pull the plug on Piers Morgan. Piers himself called us a liar. Tune in tonight at 9:00 on CNN and see if you see him? 

FTVLive FIRST reported that NBC was going to dump the Hillary Clinton Mini-series. Back on October 1st the blog HotAir wrote this "....FTVLive has been right before: They claimed back in mid-August that NBC was thinking of pulling the plug on its Hillary miniseries. Yesterday the plug was indeed pulled.

Just last month, FTVLive reported FIRST that Greg D’Alba president, CNN News Networks Turner Digital Ad Sales and Marketing are not seeing eye to eye and was going to be gone from the network. Try calling CNN and asked to speak to Greg....oh that's right, he doesn't work there anymore. 

I could go on and one with this, but you get the idea.

I will say this Alisyn Camerota is headed to CNN and the deal is signed and happening. Now, I didn't ask, but I'm sure that CNN will not send me over a copy of the contract.

See, some blogs won't report anything until they get it in a press release from the network.

One blogger pointed out that I didn't have proof it was happening. Well, Fox News and CNN both don't want you to know it is happening yet, so they aren't saying anything. FTVLive is telling you it will happen.

The blogger that's just a kid says FTVLive can just say it's going to happen and then claim we were right when it does happen. Well, I didn't say that Alisyn Camerota is going to MSNBC, Al Jezzera, ABC, CBS, NBC the BBC or Home Depot or to Las Vegas to be a stripper. If I wanted to hedge my bets, shouldn't I have listed all those places and about a thousand more? 

I say to the kid that Woodward and Bernstein (Google who they are son) didn't have proof of a Watergate break in, but they had sources. 

Reporting without press releases is a bit tougher than just posting the release the network sends you.

FTVLive has sources deep inside many networks and stations around the country. That is how we break stories that others just can't come close to getting. 

As we said to Piers Morgan, does FTVLive bat 1000% on all our stories? Nope, occasionally we swing and miss. But as we told Piers, our batting average is very high and when it came to him leaving CNN, we liked the pitch and knocked it out of the park. 

FTVLive said Camerota is going to CNN because she is. And we are willing to bet anyone that has the guts to put their money where their mouth is.

Funny....all I hear is crickets.