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Do a Google search for "Piers Morgan FTVLive" you will come up with over 4000 search results. 

Back last year when FTVLive FIRST reported that CNN would be dumping Piers Morgan's show, many questioned our report.

Piers Morgan himself said the FTVLive report was wrong.

Now, that word is out that CNN is pulling the plug on Piers, everyone is acting like they reported the story back in October. 

Sites like Mediaite have been all over Twitter Today saying shit like this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.10.31 AM.png

Mediaite, reported the "Piers Morgan is leaving" story 10 days after FTVLive FIRST reported it and they attributed that news to FTVLive at the time. Now that the news is confirmed they conveniently are leaving the FTVLive part out of their reports. 

Politico and the New York Times are acting like they broke the story. Yet, it is the same story FTVLive BROKE 5 months ago. 

Last week, I was talking to a network executive (not at CNN) and telling them that CNN was getting this/close to announcing that Morgan's 9PM show was going to be cancelled. 

Then all of the sudden the NY Times has the story over the Weekend. I'm wondering if the Network Executive that I gave the info to, passed it along to the Times?

The bottom line is FTVLive FIRST broke the story 5 months ago and then after it becomes official, everyone else now is trying to claim credit.

It's funny how these people jump on the bandwagon, once it gets way down the road.