Maybe She Sucked at Her Job

Some of you have emailed me and asked why I haven't covered the Jill Abramson story?

Abramson was fired from her job as the Executive Editor of the NY Times and many are trying to claim it was because she was a woman.

Stories have circulated that Abramson was sacked because she demanded to be paid as much as the person that she replaced. Her boss says that wasn't the case.

First of all, the main reason FTVLive hasn't covered the story is Abramson worked for the New York Times newspaper and not a TV station.

While the dying newspaper industry would make great content for a website, that isn't what this site is all about. 

As for Abramson being fired?

Maybe, just maybe she sucked at her job and she should have been whacked.

She might have been a great newspaper person, but not a very good Executive Editor. 

As for her not being paid as much as the person she replaced? Do you think the person that replaces Barbara Walters will be paid what Walters was paid at ABC?

I'm guessing no.

Do you think Stephan Colbert will be paid as much as David Letterman was making? If your longtime Main Anchor leaves next week and is replaced, do you thing the new hire will be making as much?

I don't have revenue dollars for the New York Times, but judging by the rest of the newspaper industry, I'm guessing that the Times isn't pulling in the same amount of money that they made 10 years ago.

People being paid less in the media is a sign of the times (pardon the pun).

Maybe it Jill Abramson got screwed over by the Ny York Times, or maybe she just wasn't good at her job and needed to be replaced.

Abramson spoke this morning to the graduating class at Wake Forest. She told the students that she didn't know what was next for her? Which she said put her in exactly in the same place as many students graduating from WF. Ummmmmm...... I don't think many of those kids have a padded bank account like Abramson. No matter how little she was paid at the Times.

Either way, it's not a TV story and FTVLive really doesn't care. Even if the NY Media want to continue to obsess on the story. 

Jill Abramson is the NY Media's missing plane and we all know how well that worked out for CNN.

If you don't just check the recent cable news ratings.