Day One in the Gym

Yesterday, I told you that I have a goal of getting back into shape, although I will argue that round is a shape, so I'm already in shape.

But, I want to get in better shape and maybe less round. I want to make 2015 a great year on the golf course and to be honest that is the main reason I am working out and dieting.

Yesterday was day one.

I ate a total of 1653 calories and went to the gym both in the morning and then again last night. Surprisingly, I'm not that sore, which means I was in better shape than I thought, or I need to take it up a notch.

I did learn that if you have a girl with a great ass in front of you on the elliptical, you can go for a lot longer on the treadmill. Just a tip to you guys out there.  

Every journey starts with one step.

Yesterday was the first step.