Time for a Change

Today, December 9th I'm going to start working hard to be half the man I used to be.

I'm getting into the gym and starting a diet. 

For the first time in years I have joined a gym and plan on using it at least 6 times a week. I figure I need to drop about 15 pounds and would love to make it 20 or 25.

I am going to fully commit to this and that is one of the reasons I am telling you guys about it. I figure if I put it out there, it will look much worse if I fail. 

How serious am I?

I am not going to play another round of golf till February, which will be my longest layoff in 8 years.

I really want to push myself and this is the start. 

Maybe at the end of March I post post a naked selfie on my Twitter account.

Take that Geraldo!