Meet FTVLive's Newest Member

You might have to pardon me for the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I started fostering a rescue dog that I hope to adopt. Meet Rory, a 4 year old Fox Terrier mix that was thrown out of car and left on the side of a road.

Right now, Rory is trying to learn to get along with the cats at the FTVLive World HQ and if that goes well (it's not so far) then Rory will be in the FTVLive staff full time.

Other than scaring the crap out of the cats, little Rory is a great dog. He loves car rides, going to walks and trying to edit FTVLive with his paws (which he may have less typos than I do).

I really hope and pray that Rory and his new brothers and sisters can get along and that he will become a full time staff member soon.