Wow! The Gun Lobby Really Does Hate Piers Morgan


Before Monday, I knew that the gun lobby and gun enthusiasts did not like CNN's Piers Morgan.

But over the last 2 days I saw first hand how much they dislike the CNN Anchor. FTVLive broke the news that CNN was going to drop Piers Morgan from his prime time slot.  

It was a big story in the land of cable news and when we posted in Monday morning, it was getting a lot of clicks. 

But then the story was picked up by a pro gun site, soon another and then another. Then a number of conservative sites linked to the story. That was followed by more gun owner sites, over and over again. 

FTVLive started getting over 250 page viewers every 30 seconds. Monday was our biggest day in history and by Noon on Tuesday the numbers had passed Monday's. It is likely that the first 3 days of October might equal our best month we've ever had. 

You hear about the powerful gun lobby, I'm telling you first hand it is waaaaay bigger than I ever thought it was.  

There is no question that these people are more than happy with the thought that CNN is dumping Piers Morgan.  

If Fox News came up with a show called "Why We Hate Piers Morgan and Love Guns" it would get bigger ratings than Bill O'Reilly.  

Zucker...Ailes are you listening too me?