Go Figure.... Now the Pirates are Good

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In my 20+ years in TV News, I spent a couple of years dabbling in sports.  

I was the Executive Producer of a live sports show in Pittsburgh that was on 5 nights a week. I also Produced Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games that aired on WPXI. 

I produced both home and away games and would spend time on the road with the team. This all happened in the mid 90's when in a word the Pirates "SUCKED!" 

Back then the Pirates couldn't beat and egg.

Producing the games was hard, because by the 4th or 5th innings there were losing so bad, that it was hard to even stay awake in the truck.

The highlight of one season was when Pirates outfielder Al Martin got arrested in Arizona for bigamy. He was arrested by now TV Agent Micah Johnson. Don't ask me to explain, it's a long story.

Anyway, if you think baseball is boring, try sitting in a production truck for 5 hours watching your team getting shellacked night after night. 

Because of those years in the truck, I have never watched an entire baseball game again in my life. 

But, now the Pittsburgh Pirates are 5 wins away from the World Series. WTF?!

Why could that not have happened while I was there? Back then the team was so bad, I could have batted 5th in the order and done better than the player they had. 

Now, Pittsburgh is going crazy, PNC Park is packed to sellout crowds and everyone is excited to watch the Buccos. 

When I was doing Pirates games, a player could hit a foul ball into the stands and it would sit in the seats for 5 minutes before some fan was able to make his way over the empty seats to get it. 

Times have changed in Pittsburgh and everyone is excited for baseball. 

Boy, it's sure changed since my day. 

Anyway....Let's Go Pirates!!!